New Authentication Screens, New Product Layout and New Pricing.

Hey everyone ğŸ‘

I'm happy to announce that AirControl version 0.4 is out. This update includes many different screens for your authentication flows and I improved the product layout.

Authentication Flows

AirControl has new screens for registration pages, sign in pages, password reset pages, two factor authentication pages and many related notification pages. 

New Product Layout

A better product layout so you can easily find your favourite components and designs.

New Pricing

With the introduction of AirControl version 0.4, the total amount of pre-designed screens has crossed 100! I feel that now is a good moment to bump the early access price to $59. New pricing will take effect on Tuesday, so you have a few days left to buy AirControl for $39.

I hope that you enjoy this new update. Have a greet weekend

Frank - Founder

Buy AirControl for $39

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